Open Strings Academy 2015 comprises two masterclasses:


the SPRING Cello Masterclass at La Loingtaine outside Paris, France


the SUMMER Chamber Music Masterclass and Fest at Frederiksdal Manor & Elvermose Farm.


The eight-day-long Cello Masterclass both affords students in-depth work through an abundance of lessons with our two main teachers and offers a breath of fresh inspired air through work with our guest teacher, who also coaches the cello ensemble.


In addition, the Paris-based luthier Balthazar Soulier will conduct a workshop on how different types of strings and bridges play an important role in the search for the ideal sound.


The Chamber Music Masterclass and Fest is a ten-day intensive focus on chamber music where students and teachers rehearse and perform together. The first three days are spent rehearsing, the next four in performing and touring to different concert venues, and the final three are spent in Copenhagen, where the ensemble will perform at Open Strings’ own chamber music festival at the Naval Girl’s School.